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"Shippers owned" containers, which means that they are not owned by the actual carrier but supplied by the cargo owners (Shippers) or OTIs. These may not follow the ISO standard identification/certification but should be fully CSC safety approved containers.

They may have no registered owner code and no category identifier and have no check digit. It is advisable to follow ISO 6346 as the absence of a compliant identification code causes problems for both carriers and container terminals to correctly identify the equipment and properly deliver the cargo, because computer systems require ISO 6346 conformant naming and as such missing prefixes are invented.

We are experienced in the import releases, timely Delivery Order Notices, collection of charges on behalf of principle, delivery of containers per client's schedule, billing & collection of detention charges, remittances timely, repositioning the empty equipment regardless of type (Tank, Container, Flatrack, Reefer, Opentop etc.), make available the depots to hold them and/or find outbound cargo to utilize the empties available in stock at any port in USA. Value added services for Imports & Export cargo are also available in house.

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SOC are considered as a commodity being imported in a country and might be subject to duty/taxes. Some countries permit owner/OTI to import temporarily but to be shipped out in a specific period before they are subject to duty/taxes and this may require some customs formalities to be done upon entry.