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Logistics Rep
for Importers

Importers generally rely on us for arranging Customs trade compliance regulating the imports of their products - Customs Clearance Process for novice.

Importers experience our logistics professionals managing their inbound sea shipments' complete visibility from their suppliers, FOB origin services, international movement, destination & delivery to door for a nominal fee. Services listed below can be utilized in part or full by a regular importer giving him many advantage & savings of time & money.

Carrier Choice

Shipments are arranged with the shipping line you prefer of with whom you have Service Contract. During peak season, blocking space on carrier, using the influence to make the vessel desired. Last minute rush in facilitating the load on board the vessel regardless if it requires all night stay at port.

Customs Broker Coordination

Your broker clearing goods will get complete documentation on time with shipment status information to enable them to expedite customs clearance in time to avoid high demurrage & detention charge.

Documentation Distribution

Shipment documents timely distribution to facilitate & expedite customs clearance, avoid demurrage and save time. Post shipment documents until reached in right hands, the process is not complete the hindrance causes last minute delays, costs & frustration. Experienced in making desired changes due to the delays in production or carrier such as arranging airfreight/sea-air.

Your Representation

Representing your interest from origin, with our selectively picked experienced counterparts at all major world ports, we bring everybody in line to stream line the process which might otherwise cause delays & additional unnecessary expenses in transportation.