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International freight shipping through Apex Trust Service gives you options for sending shipments over 150 lbs. around the world. You can choose from air, land, and sea services that deliver the right balance of price and speed for your business.

Air & Sea Freight services are available to any destination in the world. Apex Trust Service is one of the few leading transporting company in USA who can provide all the services in the Air or Sea Freight industry

Benefits of Our international freight shipping:


Options to help you expand your business and grow into new international markets.


Access to international freight lanes with a focus on APAC and EU.


A responsive, reliable, knowledgeable customer service team


Easy-to-use tools to guide you through shipping internationally.

Transportation & Distribution Solutions

If you need bespoke transport solutions, covering managed transport, oversized or heavy cargo & direct distribution - visit our solutions & special expertise page.

Reliable and hassle free. Broad range of delivery speeds and service options.

Right place, right time and cost efficient. Consolidation options.

Simplified International Freight Shipping Services For All

With Apex Trust Service, you can ship to virtually anywhere in the world with confidence. We can assist with the import and export of your goods, from the initial quote and document preparation to tracking and delivery to the final destination.