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Top Class Freight Consultation Services

Our freight & logistics consultants work with express, parcel, postal, trucking, 3PL, rail, transport infrastructure, ocean shipping, and distribution network.

At Apex Trust Service, our freight and logistics consultancy services have helped countless companies around the world find the most efficient and cost effective way to ship goods. From planning routes to handling administrative work, we consult on all aspects of freight movement.

Freight Movement and Route Planning

Moving goods around the world requires multiple modes of transport, and overcoming several logistical challenges. If goods are moving from North America to mainland Asia, they are likely transported with a combination of road, rail and sea freight.

10+ Years Of Excellent Services

Exceptional Freight Management Consulting

We take pride in offering impeccable customer service to all of our clients. We treat our business relationships as true partnerships, recognising that for your business, the bottom line is what matters the most.

We act as an extension of your business operations, creating freight movement solutions which match your needs and goals.

At Apex Trust Service, we are committed to quality. By focusing on the processes in delivery of your goods from origin to destination, we ensure that the processes are consistently in line with customer requirements and needs.

This allows us to create the most cost effective and efficient solutions for all freight and logistics consulting clients.